Profitable Poultry Farming Business Ideas

poultry farming business ideas
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Poultry offers room for some of the most lucrative business ventures one can embark on. Most of the products or services produced in the poultry domain are on demand. In fact, it’s said that the poultry farming sector is growing by a rate of as much as 10% every year. There’s a generally high appeal for poultry because it produces food items that make for healthy eating. For instance, meat produced is mainly white (which is highly recommended) and eggs which are good for our health; these are just two examples. The other good characteristic about poultry is the leeway to start a business from whatever scale you want yet realizing good returns. Another aspect that makes poultry alluring is the generally short product cycles. This means you get to realize sales starting in the short term. For example, by around 5 weeks times you can actually start selling your broiler chickens. So let’s now look at some of the top poultry farming business ideas one can start.

Broiler Chicken Production

Obviously this is a hit in the poultry farming domain. Never mind that many people still continue to enter the space; the market is inexhaustible. There are numerous niching options available which is why the market is always available. At some point I used to run a broiler chicken production business and I was amazed at how I always got orders despite the presence of countless other players in the industry. So when we talk about poultry farming, broiler chicken production immediately comes to mind. Get the broiler poultry farming business plan.

Layer Chicken Production

This is also another popular poultry farming business idea. Some can solely focus on it whilst others combine it with broiler chicken production. Eggs are highly on demand since they constitute most people’s day to day meals. Strategically picking your niching approach makes realizing sales easy and perpetual. The best way to start this business is by purchasing chickens that are already at point of lay. Get the poultry egg farming business plan. 

Free Range Chicken Production

Also known as roadrunners, these are mainly raised for their meat. It turns out that most people are too accustomed to broiler chicken meat and would rather prefer free range chickens as an alternative. In comparison to broiler chicken production, roadrunner chicken production isn’t as widespread. This means there’s vast potential for huge returns in this segment. We haven’t yet come to a point where you find dressed free range chickens in every supermarket. So there’s lots of money to be made from free range chicken production. Get the free range chicken farming business plan.

Chicken Hatchery

Following the 3 business ideas we’ve discussed so far you can obviously see the need for chicks. From broilers, layers to free range chickens chicks are needed to start rearing them. Thus you can choose to focus on doing a chicken hatchery to provide poultry farmers with day old chicks. Often times the demand for day old chicks is usually higher than the supply so I would encourage people to venture into this line of business.

Quail Farming

Quail farming more or less follows the model of broiler chicken production or layer chicken production. In principle, quails can be raised for either their meat or their eggs – though a combination is usually the best approach. Due to their small size quails don’t require a lot when it comes to their housing. Plus quails are also very adaptable to any weather conditions thus making them low-maintenance. Get the Quail Farming Business Plan.

Duck Farming

Duck farming is one of the easiest poultry farming businesses to do. It isn’t as demanding as other poultry farming businesses that tend to require intricate housing and feeding regimes. Ducks are generally resilient thus making them highly adaptable to any weather conditions. As I already pointed out they can make do without intricate housing structures. This makes the business relatively low-cost and less demanding to do.

Turkey Farming

If you have ever had turkey meat then you can concur with me that it’s a delicacy. Turkeys are basically reared for their meat only. Egg production isn’t a viable fit in this domain especially for commercial purposes. Turkey farming actually wields tremendous potential because it’s a suitable direct alternative to broiler chicken production. So it’s a business worth exploring because it’s steadily gaining traction globally.

Pigeon Farming

Growing up I remember seeing quite a number of households that raised pigeons. I’ve chosen to mention pigeon farming because I believe it has vast potential. Most of the people I’ve seen raising them do it on very small scales and mainly for subsistence. The quality and tastiness of pigeon meat is pristine plus it’s quite healthy (has a very high protein content). Pigeon meat can be a huge alternative to other popularly consumed poultry meats.

Feeds Production

If you aren’t keen on the somewhat demanding nature of raising poultry animals you can choose to focus on the feeds required. The different poultry farming businesses requires various types of feeds. Poultry farmers know and appreciate the indispensable need to ensure the birds are well-fed. Thus the demand for poultry feeds is always there and steadily growing as more players enter into poultry farming.

These are 9 of some of the top poultry farming business ideas that you can choose from. Before choosing which one to settle for you must conduct a market research so that you’re sure of what to do. It’s also important to engage existing players so that you acquire knowledge that can help you successfully start and run your own.



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