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Manufacturing Business Ideas
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Manufacturing is both a huge and pivotal industry for any economy. Normally the economies of most countries are anchored by the productivity of industries – manufacturing being one of them. So entering this domain can be a potentially lucrative venture due to usually high demand for products produced therein. The manufacturing industry is so vast that the most active segments can differ from country to country. In this article we discuss some of the top manufacturing business ideas out there. It doesn’t matter what scale you choose operate at but if you play your cards right prospects of huge returns are sky high. Each segment discussed herein branches off into a countless number of possible business ideas one can focus on.

Food Processing

This is definitely an enormous segment of the manufacturing industry. The range of foods that can be processed into other products is infinite. Take for instance livestock production; there are many things borne from livestock production that can be processed into different food products. Then there is crop production which also has many things that can be processed into food products eg peanut butter manufacturing business. These are just two examples but the areas of specialization are countless. One interesting area of food processing specialization is snacks – there’s lots of money to be made from them. Food consumption is a daily affair for every human being so food products are highly on demand. If ever you want to enter this segment of the manufacturing industry then you’ll definitely be inundated by the options available. It would then call upon you to find out which niche you want to serve but a food processing business is usually bound to excel. Thus food processing is one of the top manufacturing business ideas you can pursue.


Beverages are one of the profitable manufacturing business ideas you can go into. Beverages are broken down into two major categories which are alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The usual trend is that alcoholic beverages rake in more in terms of revenue than non-alcoholic ones. An interesting area of focus that’s now very popular and lucrative is energy drinks. Essentially you would think that beverages are more or less part of the food processing segment but it’s a colossal segment on its own. In some nations companies that specialize on manufacturing beverages are amongst the high performing companies. Despite the prevailing economic situation at any given point beverage making companies (just like food processing ones) usually stay afloat. Under this segment there’s also an emerging trend that business people can capitalize on. There’s a growing interest in leading healthy lives through eating healthy. So the manufacturing of plant-based or herb-based beverages is a steadily increasing domain one can strategically niche on.

Stock Feeds

Livestock production is one of the best agriculture business fields to embark on. The types of livestock to rear or breed are varied spanning from small to big livestock. In most countries the number of people starting livestock production businesses is increasing. Another thing to note is that stock feeds are extremely crucial for the success of any livestock production business. That’s why people in that field prioritize the sourcing of stock feeds from reputable manufacturers. This is what makes the segment of stock feeds manufacturing a very active and profitable manufacturing business idea.

Detergents And Other Related Products

The manufacturing of detergents is definitely a top performing manufacturing business idea due to the demand for various types of detergents. The beauty of this segment is that so much has changed over the years. There used to be a time when making detergents was solely the reserve of only a few big companies. It’s different now because virtually anyone who’s interested in the manufacturing of detergents can start their own business. The types of products that can be manufactured here are many some of which are toilet cleaners, shampoos, soaps, dishwashing liquids, engine cleaners, washing powders, gels and polishes.

Clothing And Fabrics

The fashion industry is a very busy and ever-evolving one. There’s no doubt about the high demand for clothing items or fabrics. The continued growth of the clothing industry is seen in that more and more clothing outlets keep being opened. So choosing to manufacture clothes or fabrics is a high rewarding manufacturing business idea. There are several niching approaches some of which are sex, style and age range. Most people do of course choose to focus on retail to avoid the intricacies of sourcing raw materials for manufacturing purposes. However, manufacturing is more expedient because you can end up being a supplier and retailer at the same time. Putting clothing and fabrics together was meant to show you that the two work best together.


The construction boom is on-going in many countries across the world. New buildings are sprouting everywhere and their purposes are diverse. The mere fact that those buildings will need to be furnished at some point should give cue on what makes the manufacturing of furniture a profitable manufacturing business idea. You don’t necessarily have to open up a huge factory to start making furniture. There’s actually an interesting phenomenon that’s occurring in most countries and most people aren’t even aware of it. Most big furniture outlets source the furniture they sell from small scale furniture manufacturers. So even if you’re a small scale furniture manufacturer you can still make it big by being a supplier and retailer at the same time. There are also broad niching options, for instance, you can specialize on home furniture or office furniture, just to mention a few.

Mineral Processing

There are so many minerals extracted through various mining initiatives. Sadly most countries are so bent on exporting them raw as opposed to adding value to them. This is the reason why most countries exporting minerals have smaller economies than countries which produce little or no minerals at all. Ironically, those producing little or no minerals import raw minerals, process them and sell the finished products to the countries where the minerals originated from. It’s quite clear that adding value to minerals by processing them into a wide range of products is a multi-billion dollar industry. In some cases it’s not only minerals but it’s also the by-products that can be processed into finished products.

These are some of the top manufacturing business ideas if you’re interested in starting a manufacturing business. All these business ideas can be started at a small scale and can be scaled later as the business grows. Due to the extent of technological advancements now available sourcing specialized machinery and software can enhance your productivity.



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