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Technology Business Ideas
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Technology has revolutionised the whole fabric of society in so many ways. In, for instance, the past 20 years there are whole industries that have emerged all thanks to technology. Technology has opened up so many career paths many of which never existed before. Technology has also enhanced the rate of growth in entrepreneurship. As much as that’s the case, there are now many business ideas based on or focusing on technology. Technology business ideas are mostly unique in that they tend to involve significantly less overhead costs. Imagine someone who does web development as a business, they can easily do this business from home – with just an internet connection and a personal computer (PC). So let’s discuss some top technology business ideas for your consideration.

1. Hardware And Software Retail

This is one of the common technology business ideas. Technology involves different types of software and hardware. An easy business approach can be to become a software vendor and also sell gadgets, spare parts and the like. For example, you can decide to choose the computer software and hardware domain. There are several types of computer software and hardware that people usually need. Software for instance can be quite vital because most people use bootlegged software. To address this you can source and sell genuine software from official suppliers. You can also combine the retailing with installation services where applicable – even support services would be ideal. Another target segment can be mobile devices such as phones, tablets and so on. So retailing involves a broad range of choices from which one can pick from.

2. Repair And Maintenance Services

This again is another field that has many approaches to choose from. Categories of hardware to niche on can be computers, smartphones or tablets amongst others. For this technology business idea to be successful one must be well-versed in both the hardware and software elements of various types of tech gear. These services are highly-sought after so be rest assured there’s a vast market waiting for them.

3. Mobile App Development

The mobile app revolution has been perpetually growing ever since around 2007 when the iPhone came onto the scene. The coming in of iOS and Android platforms has catalysed the development of mobile apps. The proliferation of smartphones has also been playing a major role in promoting mobile app development. In most countries mobile app development is still infantile and that creates an opportunity for entrepreneurs. So if you can spot a societal need that can be addressed by a mobile app with the possibility of monetising it then go for it. Another approach can be to setup a business where you offer services of developing mobile apps according to client specifications. App development is a profitable modern technology business idea.

4. Software Development

The development of bespoke software is now a multi-billion global industry. People are increasingly appreciating the power of digitization of which software plays a huge role in that. So if you’re conversant with programming languages then a business in software development can be the perfect technology business idea for you. The market is inexhaustible because the ever-evolving operating environment always brings with it new challenges that need to be tackled.

5. Web Development And Services

Gone are days when web development was the reserve for only those who could code i.e. knowing things like HTML, PHP, JavaScript and the like. Of course those who can code have a broader skillset to come up with much more advanced websites. However, there are now many website development platforms some which work offline or online. For example, with Wix (a site building platform) you can choose a template then drag and drop from several pre-done items as you build your site. Essentially with no prior knowledge of coding you can develop a full site in a very short time. Web development is definitely a good line of technology business ideas that’s very profitable. The other web services from which businesses can be built from are web hosting or domain registration just to mention a few.

6. Digital Marketing Services

This is big business these days since digital marketing now reigns in all that regards marketing. The lines of business to choose from are varied for example social media management, social media consultancy, social media influencing, search engine optimization (SEO) consultancy and so on. This is a somewhat emerging field and many businesses across the world are yet to grasp the intricacies of digital marketing. That’s why many would gladly pay for service providers who specialize in digital marketing matters to help them out. It’s one of the technology business ideas you can seriously look into.

7. Content Creation

Content creation has become such a huge aspect of entrepreneurship nowadays. Any field presents an opportunity to create content related to that field. Upon significant growth of followership and engagement monetization can then be introduced into the mix. The most common approach when it comes to monetizing content creation is through paid ad placements. So in this field of technology one can build a business from creating and monetizing tech-related content. This can be done through blogging, vlogging, podcasting or reality TV programs. Content creation on tech-related issues is particularly enthralling because it practically demonstrates the use of various types of technologies in the process.

8. Online Courses

If you’re a regular user of Facebook you might have noticed the many ads on online courses. Providing online courses is now big business with numerous cases of success stories where some have become millionaires through that. Technology is particularly strategic because it’s a big deal these days and as such offering online courses on tech-related fields would be wise. Online courses can offered through various means e.g. virtual web-based classes, e-learning apps, pre-recorded videos or even live video conferencing. It’s up to you to choose the best and most cost-effective approach. In order to be reputable you would need to be accredited so that you can actually certify clients after completion of courses.

These are 8 of some of the businesses you can start in the technology sector. The tech sector is rapidly changing so take time to thoroughly assess the scalability of your intended business idea. Remember at the beginning we indicated that new industries have emerged because of tech in, for example, the last 20 years. In the same vein some industries have plummeted or become obscure due to the very same tech. So bear that in mind when starting a technology business.



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