Top 9 Recycling Business Ideas

Recycling Business Ideas
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Just like green businesses or renewable energy businesses, recycling businesses are bent on making profit whilst addressing environmental pollution. The ideal scenario in any human endeavour must be a symbiotic relationship between people and the environment. Recycling businesses wield that attribute and thus makes them strategic businesses to embark on. You must, however, be privy to certain information that can help you choose the most profitable type of recycling businesses. For example, the recycling of refuse is said to have slim or meagre profits. This means you can’t build a recycling business solely premised on refuse or garbage. In case you’re wondering which areas are most lucrative then quick examples are electronic waste and scrap metal recycling. Anyways, let’s discuss some recycling business ideas worth your consideration.

Recycling Electronic Waste

We have already talked about how electronic waste recycling is one of the most profitable areas of specialization. Electronic waste can include things like computers, printers, cartridges, smartphones and so on. This type of waste is not biodegradable and poses serious problems for the environment.

Waste Collection

Probably you don’t want to do the actual recycling of material right? You can start a business that deals with the collection of waste and then sells it off to those with recycling plants. The common types of waste are wood, plastic, paper and glass just to mention a few. This business does take a lot of work but is well worth it in the long haul.

Packaging Material Recycling

Due to the rate of global industrialization the rate of manufacture, distribution and selling of products is sky high. Packaging material is an indispensable component in the handling of goods across all these facets. Some of the packing materials are plastics, cardboards, foam, bottles, amongst others. Starting a business that is all about recycling packaging material can open up revenue streams that are highly sustainable. You can end up entering working agreements with manufacturers, suppliers and even consumers.

Recycling Tyres

You probably have noticed how tyres end up all over when there’s no longer any use for them. When left to lie around some of them end up being burnt and that contributes badly to the environment. Recycling them would then be a good business idea that can both reduce pollution and also rake in revenue plus profits.

Used Cooking Oil

In some nations used cooking oil is actually sold and many people make money out of that type of business. Those who sell such used cooking oil have possibly never thought that you can recycle used cooking for reuse later. Some of the methods used can be advanced filtration techniques. Since used cooking oil is usually purchased by most people, the same demand will be placed on recycled cooking oil. This is because recycled cooking oil will still be relatively cheaper and healthier also.

Recycling Commonly Used Materials

There is a wide range of commonly used materials e.g. wood, plastic, paper and glass. All these materials can be recycled into diverse kinds of things that can be competitively priced. Take the recycling of wood and paper for instance; it immensely curtails the unchecked chopping of trees. Plastic and glass aren’t only harmful but aren’t biodegradable so recycling them will be a noble cause. There’s no limit to the number of items that can be made from recycling such materials. Elementarily the material can just be recycled into their original forms and a business can be made from that. For example, waste plastic can simply be recycled into plastic again.

Recycling Food Waste

There’s no doubt that food is disposed on a daily basis. Instead of it being left to just rot, it can be recycled and put to good use. Food waste can be recycled into stock feeds, organic fertilizers and alternative energy such as biomass.

Content Creation

A lot of people seem keen on acquiring information on recycling matters. You can actually start a business centred on that need by creating relevant content. This you can do through blogging, vlogging or podcasting amongst others. You’ll ultimately score big with people and put together a huge following and drive high engagement rates. Once that’s achieved monetization can be put in place and the business begins to realize stable income.

Recycling Scrap Metal

Remember earlier we pointed out that there are items which when recycled fetch high profits. The mentions there were electronic waste and scrap metal as examples of high-profit material to recycle. Now, under this domain of scrap metal that’s where we also find some materials that fetch high profits when recycled namely, aluminium, copper and steel. There are two approaches you can employ here, either you can setup a scrap metal recycling plant or you just focus on collecting scrap metal and selling to recyclers. This might have been the last entry in this article but don’t let that mislead you. The recycling of scrap metal is one of the most lucrative recycling business ideas.

Deprive the pathway to landfills by diverting waste destined there to other innumerable uses. Don’t be discouraged by thinking you need a huge factory or an industrial site to start your business. The timeless principle of operating from home is still very much applicable to recycling businesses. That has a positive bearing on overheads as they’re significantly reduced when operating from home. Some of these lines of business can have certain regulatory frameworks they must adhere to. This makes it extremely important to find out from local authorities or environmental management arms if you’re doing everything the proper way.



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