Top 9 Business Ideas For Kids

business ideas for kids
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Entrepreneurship is not just for adults alone as most of you might think. Doing business can start off at the most elementary stages possible and adults can always help in the process. It is actually prudent for kids to venture into business because there is no telling how successful they can be in the future if they start off that early. Though there is no definitive age range for who is considered a kid, anything up to teenage will do. This is because from around 20 years of age upwards one becomes considered as a young adult. So in this article we are looking at business ideas for young people aged 19 and below.


There are obviously kids who are much smarter than others in different areas. It can be in academia, sports, music or any field that requires pragmatic learning and practice. One can offer tutoring services to peers (i.e. age mates) or to junior ones. On the latter, here is an example, you can be aged 18 and offer services whereby you tutor 13 year olds in mathematics and science. This also applies to other art forms such as sports, art, music and so on.

Content Creation

Kids, especially in this day and age, are tech-savvy i.e. they understand the intricacies of technology, the internet and social media. All these qualities can make it easy for them to venture into content creation. They can start blogs, they can become YouTube stars or become social media influencers – the possibilities are endless.

Yard Cleaning Services

This involves very easy and manageable home-related tasks that kids can do around homes. Some examples are lawn mowing, pool cleaning, cleaning and disposing leaves amongst many others. The beauty of this is that kids learn to be responsible whilst making money out of it. Take cue from the fact that adults normally do these things but even kids can too.

Home-Made Foods Sales

If you have ever been to a public school it is not surprising to have seen other kids selling a wide range of goodies at school. They could have sold lemonade, soda, cookies, candy and many other low-cost or home-made delicacies. Of course some kids can actually make some of these alone or alternatively their parents/guardians can make them for them. Again this not only helps the kids make money but also conditions them to be social, disciplined and enterprising.

Pet Sitting

This is one of many other possible activities and is meant to put things into perspective. The thing is there are many needs that can arise at people’s homes that kids can handle. We are talking about things like baby-sitting, adult care and various types of errands as examples. There are people who have made significant amounts of money just from pet sitting so these are not business ideas to belittle. Kids are fun-loving and free-spirited which makes them well-suited for offering such services.

Car Wash

This is one of the easiest business ideas any kid can explore. It is low-cost and money can immediately be made right from the onset. This can be more fun if done by kids in groups. They can group together, get some rugs, detergents, brushes and buckets and they are good to go. They can go from house to house or they can target parking lots or places where cars converge. People will be intrigued and more than willing to pay for getting their cars cleaned by enterprising kids. There are many ways to approach this as you can also set up a mini car wash spot at home and put up signage to let people know.

Garage Or Yard Sales

Kids love exploring and going through stuff at home from the main house to the store rooms, the garage and so on. They can use that adventurous spirit to organize a garage sale at home. There are so many things people keep at home that they seldom or never use yet they have value. The idea here is for a kid to do yard sale at home to acclimatize themselves with how it all goes. Once they get a hang of it they then start offering services of being called to homes to organize yard sales and be paid for that.

Arts And Crafts

Most kids love to make things using virtually anything which is testament to their explorative spirits. Kids can make simple things like home-made gift cards, paper art in different forms, drawings and the like. This depends on what a kid is capable of and can be commercialized. If a kid shows extraordinary ability in creating art and crafts then you can consider making it a business venture for them.

Web Development

Earlier on we gave allusion to the fact that most kids are tech-savvy. This can be tapped into especially for kids who are gifted with computers. They do not even need deep knowledge about coding or other complex skillsets. There are many easy to use site builders these days such as Wix or WordPress. Kids can be taught to use them and in no time they can start making money by developing simple websites for many different types of clients.

There are two key take-aways to remember from this discussion. The first is one is that wherever and in whatever way possible adults should assist because the kids might not be able to do it all alone. Secondly, kids are generally wired to do something in exchange for or in anticipation of an incentive whether material or immaterial. This is an attribute you must leverage on in cultivating a passion for business in these young kids. If all parents and guardians could do this for and with their kids then the future will be set alight.



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