Top 10 Profitable Woodworking Projects To Build And Sell

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Today we take a look at woodworking projects that you can venture into as an entrepreneur. The field of woodwork is quite vast and thus presents a huge pool of choices to pick from. In principle, the areas of specialization you will settle for will be borne out market research so that you build only what sells. Once well-established woodworking projects can get to a point where you are contracted to do certain projects. An elementary piece of advice is to start small especially by focusing on products that do not consume too much capital and working time. The best approach will be to start small then you scale up as the business progresses and grows. Let us now look at 10 build and sell woodworking projects that are profitable.

Holders, Hangers And Racks

Holder is a term we have used here to refer to various types of products that serve as holders of certain things. Some quick examples are paper towel holders, toothbrush holders or business cards holders and so on. Hangers can also be made for a wide array of things such as coats, bags, clothes and the like. The list is virtually endless since you can take note of things that need to be held for easy handling and you develop holders toward that end. The same goes for racks which can be made for a wide variety of things. Some examples are shoe racks, book racks, disc racks and the list goes on.


This is probably the most common and broadest domain of woodworking projects. Furniture can range from domestic to industrial and corporate. We are talking about things like tables, chairs, couches, cabinets, cupboards, room dividers, beds, headboards, stools and wardrobes amongst plenty more. People generally have a preference for bespoke furniture so that can make a name for yourself. If your work is excellent not only will you serve individual clients but you will end up supplying reputable furniture outlets.


There is broad range of frames with picture frames being some of the most common. The best idea here would be to diversify so as to serve a much wider market. You can also go a step further and make wooden frames that you use to frame certain items and then sell them. For instance, you can frame mirrors or paintings and then sell them. This is meant to give you an idea of how you can come up with many products based on wooden frames.


Kitchen utensils offer a field filled many possible things one can make from wood. There are many kitchen utensils that can be carved out wood from which money can be made. Some examples worth mentioning are knife blocks, cooking spoons, cutting boards, serving trays, bowels, amongst others. Most people love to have wood-based kitchen utensils so take advantage of this.

Art and Crafts

This is can be a very lucrative especially if you earmark your products for exports into regional or international markets. Alternatively you can also focus on the local market by taking advantage of regional and international tourists. There is no limit as to the things that can be made out wood either as artwork or crafts work. Many people value the ownership of pieces of art or crafts and are usually prepared to pay quite well for such. Sculpting is also another avenue under this domain that is also very profitable.

Housing Structures

There is a number of housing structures that can be made from wood. We are looking at things like wooden cabins which can range from animal (e.g. pets) cabins to human-sized cabins for various possible uses. Not many people tend to produce these products so you can take advantage of that. The best approach to find out what is usually looked for and you make movable cabins that can be easily transported or shifted from point A to B.

Storage Units

By ‘storage units’ here we are broadly referring to any storage unit made out of wood. Some of the storage units to talk about here are wooden boxes (various sizes from small jewellery boxes to big ones for things like shipment of cargo). Another inclusion to make is here are pallets which are portable wooden platforms for storing or moving goods that are stacked on them.

Gaming Accessories

There are so many gaming accessories that can be made out of wood. First mention here can be toys which are a very broad set of possible things that can be made out of wood. Then there are also things like chess board sets, draft board sets, checkers and so forth. You can do a study to find out the many types of gaming accessories that are on demand and you make ones made out of wood. The unique approach of using wood can be the most significant aspect of your unique value proposition.

Sporting Equipment

Though this might require specialized machinery to make but it can be very lucrative. There are sports which use equipment made out wood e.g. table tennis, cricket, baseball, just to mention a few. If you have the capacity and interest then the sporting market can be for you.

Cleaning Accessories

So many cleaning accessories are made out of wood and they are bought so often. Items like brooms, brushes, rakes and so on. Cleaning equipment are most commonly used so you can make lots of money by supplying individuals, suppliers and even corporate and industrial clients.

So there you have it, 10 woodworking projects to build and sell. As a person endowed with woodworking skills it is common to be blinded by your skillset and think that which you are making will sell.However, that might not always be the case, so before you venture into business be diligent enough to conduct market research so that you build products that will sell.



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