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green business ideas
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Environmental consciousness is a much advocated for narrative nowadays. This is borne from the realization that people often times destroy the environment in their quest to industrialize or simply just make a living. In order to try to reverse the effects of environmental degradation one can draw insights from environmental issues and morph them into business ideas. Ideally you want to come up with or champion the offering of products or services that are symbiotic with the environment. Many people now prefer eco-friendly products and services which presents for you a unique value proposition framework. Herein we discuss 9 of such business ideas (green business ideas) that promote eco-friendly initiatives.

Organic Farming

When it comes to sustainable farming, organic farming is one such approach. The crux of organic farming is to grow food crops using natural methods that exclude the use of synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides and the like. It involves the use of naturally occurring organic matter such as livestock excreta or compost material. The produce realized from such farming methods is healthier and tastier than when synthetic chemicals are used. The exclusion of such chemicals ensures no negative effects on the environment by disturbing the natural ecosystem. You’ll even notice that organic farming generally involves lesser overhead costs as compared to otherwise. A free range chicken farming business can also be done organically.

Retail Of Organic Foods

Instead of growing food crops you can choose to source and retail organic foods. You would of course have to ascertain that they were indeed grown organically. These days people are so big on being green or eating green products. Therefore it’s becoming commonplace that people are increasingly on the lookout for organic foods. This is a somewhat infantile niching approach in retail so establishing yourself in this regard can rake in some huge returns. Major supermarket businesses do retail of organic foods.

Solar Energy Services

Solar is a clean and renewable energy source. That is what makes it very preferable in the quest to eliminate the use of unclean energy sources such as coal for instance. There are various ways in which you can start a business in this segment because it’s broad. You can opt for selling solar power generation products such solar panels and other related hardware. You can also choose to sell spares and to offer repair and maintenance services. Alternatively you can decide to source and sell solar-powered products such as water pumps, stoves and so on.

Plant Nurseries

Basically the two major things you can grow here are plants or trees seedlings. Plant seedlings are very strategic because they are usually sought-after by people doing their own home food crops gardening. Some can even source seedlings for the growth of crops for commercial purposes. The same applies to trees also as some can need them for private use whilst some can require them for commercial purposes. The growth of plants and trees is good for the environment because it promotes a healthy ecosystem and also biodiversity. So if you are passionate about contributing to that then you can start a business on plant nurseries.

Organic Food Restaurant

We have been discussing about how the demand for organic foods is steadily increasing. Thus you can tap into that growing market by starting a restaurant that only offers organic foods. The usual norm is that most restaurants offer unhealthy fast foods so your approach will be to move away from that. That’ll definitely create a unique value proposition that can put you at a place of limited or no competition at all.

Content Creation

Eating healthy or green diets are now topical issues on which loads of content can be created. So if you’re the type that prefers to monetize content creation then this domain can be for you. Blogging, podcasting, vlogging and so on – you can use these methods to create and propagate content. Interestingly, most high-end markets consist of the highest number of people who are into green diets and the like. So chances are very high that you’ll tap into markets with high earners and that can do wonders for your revenue inflows.

Retail Of Energy Efficient Products

There are now many types and ranges of energy-efficient products on the market. There are things like energy-efficient light bulbs, stoves, refrigerators – the list goes on. You can establish your business with a unique selling proposition whereby you sell energy-efficient products. Remember that financiers and even governments are huge proponents of businesses that are eco-friendly. So starting such a business can be characterised by immense material and financial support from many people.


So here’s what happens, people have a tendency to throw away certain things on the pretext of their being old, broken or non-functional. Most of such things end up polluting the environment; most of them aren’t even biodegradable. Examples are broken or old furniture or gadgets. Instead of throwing them away they can be refurbished or up-cycled to create other products. A perfect example is furniture because wood is easily malleable. A broken table can be taken apart and made into something different instead of being disposed e.g. an ironing board. Here you can let your imagination go wild because there are so many things that can be up-cycled.

Organic Food Products

There are several organic food products that can be developed for sale. The types and ranges are quite broad also. For instance, you can specialize in making organic beverages such as fruit blends or smoothies. There are also food products such green teas, herbal teas and so on. You can exclusively focus on processing raw organic foods into processed food products.

These are just some of the green business ideas you can start for yourself. There are plenty more such business ideas which are based on being eco-friendly. You must be diligent enough to do market research since some of these business ideas will be totally new in certain populations.



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